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BAILEYNo Dalmatians Allowed!

Welcome to Bailey's special page!

Who is Bailey?
What's he doing here?
And why doesn't he like you to
use the "D" (Dalmation) word?

Well gather around and we'll tell you all about our company mascot. He's an English Bulldog and extremely friendly except to mailmen whom he thinks make great chew toys (kidding). Siesta time usually starts with a good ol' belly scratch and if you do it right, he'll love you forever (even if you're the mailman).

Bailey's a very serious fire dog. In fact, we all think a very serious mistake's been made! English Bulldogs (and not Dalmations) are the real fire-dogs. Dalmations just happen to be a bit more photogenic, so they've been hogging the limelight (and the fire trucks) for years. We're here to set things right. You can even email Bailey if you want (just don't mention the "D" word).

This page is just for kids and Bailey's going to teach you some new tricks as well as review some old ones you've probably learned in school. So get ready, put on your fire hats, and let's go!!

There are four categories of links here. Feel free to click on as many as you like. To return to this page simply close the window that's opened! If you have access to a printer, you can even print out some pictures from our Fire Skool to colour (ask your Mom or Dad first though). Have fun!!


Some of these links require a JAVA enabled browser. You can safely upgrade yours to the latest Sun Microsystems release by clicking on the picture below (your parents might be required to enter a password):


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Fire Skool

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