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In a fire emergency, the ablility to quickly identify an egress route, successfully negotiate it, and remove yourself from danger is paramount. The need for adequate lighting when the building's power could fluctuate or fail entirely during a fire emergency is key to ensuring a successful escape for it's occupants and tenants. In many instances, inside corridors and hallways don't always have windows or natural light to aid an escape. It is imperative that adequate lighting in these areas is maintained to meet any emergency condition.

Emergency lighting units come in a variety of flavours. Some incorporate EXIT signs, while others are designed to power multiple light heads spread throughout a zone or area. Regardless of their physical appearance, all are designed to activate in a power failure or brown-out and provide sufficient illumination to enable you to find a suitable refuge area or exit.

Ace Fire Prevention Ltd. provides full design, installation and service of emergency lighting units including building UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) systems as well as regular inspection and board level repairs. We also stock a variety of sealed rechargable batteries designed for reliable service in these applications along with component parts that enable us to offer one of the fastest service turn-around times in the industry.

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