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Intercommunication systems in most multi-family residential buildings and some commercial offices come in two primary flavours.

The older style pushbutton system utilized individual buttons for every suite in a building. This ensured that visitors whom either knew the individual's suite number or name could "buzz" them and negotiate an entrance to the building's common areas.

The new style enterphone systems use a telephone style touchpad to dial the individual tenant, often without the visitor knowing the actual suite number until the tenant advises them of it.

In either of the above systems it is imperative that the tenant is able to positively identify the visitor before allowing them access to the building. Many multi-resident projects have a strict policy against agents or peddlars plying thier trade in a building, but some still try to bluff their way in (and some still actually succeed!) Most intercom systems are actually an important part of a project's ability to limit access to only those individuals that are invited to enter. Indeed some systems actually incorporate access control components to ensure only those that have legitimate business in the builidng or project are able to enter.

Ace Fire Prevention Ltd. provides service, maintenance, and upgrades on a wide variety of intercom systems and related components. We stock parts for many of the popular models in our Richmond warehouse. We invite you to call us at (604) 275-0075 or email us for more information on our products and services.


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